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    Smart Handheld Blood Pressure Monitoring System

    Smart Beat-to-beat Blood Pressure Monitoring System for Used in General Wards 

    Post-operative complications occur most often within 48 hours, especially, the high blood pressure due to intraoperative fluid overload can be at 4%-35%. Hence the blood pressure monitoring during this period is of most critical. Currently,General wards all use cuff sphygmomanometer. The post-operation checking frequency is once/30 min within the first 24 hours, and adjusted to once every 1-2 hours; hence, it fails to track the blood pressure in a real-time manner. Failure to spot the blood pressure change or any delay in dealing with such change might aggravate post-operative complications and cause even death. However, invasive monitoring is not applicable to general wards due to its environment restraints. Our smart beat-to-beat blood pressure monitoring system, however, monitors the post-operative blood pressure without arteriopuncture and saves the patients from the arteriopuncture suffer and in a way protects their safety.

    In addition, the conventional cuff sphygmomanometer poses pressure on either upper arm or wrist and hence jeopardize the patient’s sleep at night and ultimately his/her post-operative rehabilitation. The blood pressure monitoring system produced by ML Medical, however, adopts infrared sensor to measure the blood pressure, poses no pressure and allows a high-quality sleep for the patient, which demonstrates outstanding advantage on night blood pressure monitoring in this regard. The smart monitoring system integrates blue tooth and Wi-Fi function as well. Combined with PAD or all-in-one interactive terminal, the system can achieve functions as remote control, real-time warning and chronic disease management.

    Handheld Beat-to-beat Blood Pressure Monitoring Systemfor Use in Ambulances


    Ambulance usually transfers critically ill patient, most of whom requires intensive monitoring of vital signs. However, an invasive blood pressure monitoring is impossible due to restraints on technique, time and environment conditions. At present,blood pressure measuring equipment in ambulance is cuff sphygmomanometer. But if a patient suffered from severe trauma due to traffic accident or disaster, the pressure posed by the cuff could worsen the bleeding and even cause death. ML Medical’s handheld blood pressure monitoring system, however, continuously measure the beat-to-beat blood pressure; and most importantly, the near-infrared sensor does not exert any external pressure on patient, which does not increase the risk of haemorrhage.


    This sphygmomanometer is small, light and handy, just as a cellphone. In addition, it is  robust, water proof, dust proof, shock proof and is equipped with a haversack specifically for ambulance so that medical care personnel can easily take it to many occasions. This sphygmomanometer perfectly solves the contradiction between “continuous continuous monitoring” and “the risk of haemorrhage”, and safeguards the critically ill patients with real-time monitoring. 


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