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  • Smart Handheld Blood Pressure Monitoring System
    General ward intelligent monitoring system  |  ambulance intelligent blood pressure monitoring system
    Product principle

    The methodology of measuring is to use two clip-typed near-infrared sensors (similar to the sensor used to measure oxygen saturation) to measure a pair of pulse waves of posterior auricular artery and dorsal digital artery; then calculate the blood pressure based on the pulse wave velocity
    (PWV) and the shape feature variation of pulse waves.

    Product Illustration

    The regular blood pressure cuff puts pressure on the upper arm or wrist of the patient, which disrupts the patient’s sleep if the blood pressure is measured at night. The patient’s post-operative rehabilitation could hence be jeopardized. Our smart beat-to-beat blood pressure monitoring system, however, adopts infrared sensor to measure the blood pressure, posing no pressure and allowing a high-quality sleep for the patient, which demonstrates significant superiority in night blood pressure monitoring in this regard. The smart monitoring system integrates blue tooth and Wi-Fi function as well; combined with PAD or all-in-one interactive terminal, the system
    can achieve functions as remote control, real-time warning and chronic disease management.

    Measurement technology

    Pulse wave velocity method + pulse wave morphology method

    Sensor: Near infrared light sensor
    Clinical level: operating room level
    Performance advantages

    Accuracy Real-time Security Reliability Comfort Noise immunity Ease of use Portability

    • Precision:
      Meeting the Standard of AAMI SP-10: Mean Deviation≤5mmHg and standard Deviation≤8mmHg
    • Real-time performance:
      beat-to-beat measurement
    • Safety:
      Infrared sensor poses no pressure on body; no damage on examining part even after longtime use, truly the “non-invasive monitoring”
    • Reliability:
      Blood pressure is measured through reliable core software; the precision will not be compromised even after longtime use
    • Comfort:
      Infrared sensor gives a comfortable user experience
      Applied to patients both under/not under anaesthetic
      Outstanding performance on monitoring blood pressure for post-operation patients in the first 48-hours and night blood pressure monitoring in general wards
    • Anti-Interference:
      No strict requirement on measuring position
      - Put the sensor back on ear or toe if the sensor is moved or fall off due to any motion or bumping; reset is not required.
    • Convenience:
      Easy to install
      Operable for non-professionals
    • Portable:
      Small size, light, handy
    Application scenario
    Sweep, pay attention to us
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